Back in the Spring of 2015, Project Director Dan Blakeley was in the process of designing our very own solar vehicle until Iowa State's Team PrISUm generously came forward and offered to donate the shell of one of their previous models, Hyperion. 

Apperion has traveled to four different races around the country and has experienced great success competing against many teams. Most notably, the car drove 218 laps (747 miles) in the 2017 FSGP at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, placing 2nd out of 18 teams in attendance. In 2016, it drove 414 laps in the FSGP at the Pittsburgh International Race Complex, taking 3rd out of the 20 teams competing. It also took place in the 1,975 mile long American Solar Challenge. Driving from Ohio to South Dakota and enduring a wide range of elements, Apperion crossed the line in 6th.

Apperion is now on display at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences to inspire future generations of solar racers and educate on renewable energy solutions.


Solar Array: 391 cells covering 6m2, 22.5% efficient SunPower C60 monocrystalline, 1200 W

Batteries: 210 Boston Power Swing 5300 Li ion batteries, 42 lb, 4.1 kWh capacity

Motor: Single rear mounted 5 kW peak Mitsuba, M2096-III 3 phase AC synchronous in hub motor

Body Material: PrePreg Fiberglass composite sandwich with 1⁄4”thick Nomex honeycomb core

Frame: 1”OD 6061-T6 thin walled aluminum tubular space frame

Suspension: 3 wheel vehicle, double wishbone control arm (front), single sided control arm (rear)

Tires: 18.5” diameter. 100 psi Bridgestone Ecopia slick tires

Brakes: Regenerative brake (rear), hydraulic activated disk brakes (front), parking brake

SVT team photo
SVT team photo
SVT team photo