Leadership Team
Kali Smith photo

Kali Smith - Business Director

Environmental Economics & Policy '19
Connelly Springs, NC

Kali is senior studying Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Sustainable Technology. She joined the team in 2016 on accident, after being stopped at club fair. She quickly fell in love with the project and has worked with purchasing, sustainability, race logistics, team communication, and social media, and previously held the role of Operations Director. Kali has attended the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017 and the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2017. Upon graduation in December of 2019, Kali hopes to go to graduate school for Sustainable Development.

Wyatt Bailey photo

Wyatt Bailey - Engineering Director

Sustainable Technology '20
Burlington, NC

Wyatt is junior studying Sustainable Technology. He joined the team as a freshman in 2016, and has worked hard on the mechanical team ever since. He has held the position of Assistant Mechanical Director, and has overseen the building of ROSE, specializing in machining many parts of the suspension and rims of the car. Wyatt has attended both the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017 and the American Solar Challenge 2017.

Lucas Tax photo

Lucas Tax - Lead Electrical Engineer

Physics ‘19
Chapel Hill, NC

Lucas is a senior studying Physics. Lucas joined the team as a sophomore and has served on the electrical team for over a year.He has worked with a variety of electrical systems such as motors, battery protection, and embedded systems. Lucas has attended the Formula Sun Grand Prix 2017.

John Lalevee photo

John Lalevee - Lead Mechanical Engineer

Industrial Design ‘19
Raleigh, NC

John is a senior Industrial Design major with a concentration in Furniture Design. John joined the team in his junior year and within a month was the lead body designer for ROSE and has served on the mechanical team ever since. He has been responsible for the developing the design of ROSE and building many of her components, as well as designing the wrap on the car.