Leadership Team

Jessica Navarro-Luviano - Mechanical Director

Sustainable Technology
Mocksville, NC

Jessica joined Team Sunergy towards the end of 2018. Jessica first found interest in Team Sunergy as she wanted to learn more about the mechanical system’s of cars, while expanding her knowledge of sustainable technologies. As someone who enjoys learning hands-on, she immediately joined the mechanical team and became an instant team hype-woman. She specializes in composites for the interior and exterior of the car. When Jessica is injured from breaking ankles on the soccer field, she is pondering her next “hair-nnovation” or aesthetic flare.

Patrick Laney

Sustainable Technology

Patrick joined Team Sunergy his freshman year and has been involved with the mechanical team since. He mainly intended to combine his interests of automotives and sustainability; Team Sunergy was a natural fit. Among other mechanical aspects, Patrick specializes in ROSE's suspension, helping to drive efficiency in competition. Aside from working on his own car projects, Patrick has been known to test the limits of the fully-converted electric Miata currently stored in the Team Sunergy warehouse.

Hunter Bristow - Electrical Director

Sustainable Technology
Chapin, SC

Hunter has been a team member since fall 2017. He specializes in powertrain systems for electric cars. His greatest accomplishment is owning a powertrain conversion business. This could explain why he had no comment on the MPG illusion. When asked about his least favorite single-use plastic, he immediately responded, “water bottles”.